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48 WINTER 2021 FOR A RESPONSIBLE CANADIAN FOODSERVICE INDUSTRY N OUR RADAR Seize the Shell As businesses across Canada adapt to new COVID restrictions, a Northern- Ontario company has created an easy- to-use mobile tool to help organizations implement the necessary contact tracing and health screening protocols. Fully secure and using unique QR codes, saniTrakr is a versatile web-based app that allows organizations to manage both the health and contact information of any visitor, whether an employee, client, participant or customer—before the point of entry. saniTrakr is a paperless mobile solution to assist businesses with COVID-19 employee and visitor screening. This is a solution that is user-friendly and at a price point that is sensitive to the struggles being faced by industry members today. Businesses are required to pre-screen each of their employees and visitors daily for COVID-19 symptoms before arriving on-site for work. The saniTrakr solution mobilizes the process of 1) completing daily employee/visitor health pre-screening surveys, as well as, 2) COVID-19 related cleaning checklists, and 3) contact tracing. An Online Management Console manages and stores a historic record of the pre- screening surveys and cleaning checklists that are critical to maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Single records or detailed reports can be retrieved and printed when required. Employees and visitors can submit pre- screening surveys using their smartphones. This eliminates paperwork, saves time and keeps your business safe and open! For more information and pricing, visit saniTrakr New COVID Screening App Provides Simplified Mobile Solution for Businesses and Organizations of all Sizes DYK? Prince Edward Island mussels and oysters are some of the world's most coveted molluscs, from the pure and rich waters of Atlantic Canada. The blue cultured mussels from PEI are delicious, plump and sweet, and are one of the few protein sources that pack in vitamin C. This pot-ready, healthy protein source is ready in less than 10 minutes. Choose your aromatics, herbs and liquid of choice and garnish. Unlike any other seafood, oysters taste like the sea. Everything about them—their size, shape, flavour and food value—is impacted by the minerals, salinity, nutrients and temperature of the water where they live, making them some of the best in the world. Eat them raw, deep fry them for a po'boy or bake them Rockefeller. Ask for PEI oysters and mussels from your supplier/fishmonger.

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