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5 Keys to Ensure Your Firm is Future-Proof

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5 Keys to Ensure Your Firm is Future-Proof When it comes to the health of the business, what do they really care about? Obviously, it's a loaded question, but there are business elements common to this sector that drive success. Many of these elements speak to the importance of future-proofing the firm to stay current and competitive. Digital Business Evangelist of the Digital Value Institute Atle Skjekkeland said: "EVERY Organization, EVERY Executive, EVERY Individual, and EVERY Object is now on a digital journey. Organizations need to decide whether they will be disrupted, manage the disruption, or want to lead the disruption." Companies can swim against the tide at their peril, but the most successful companies embrace the change. The key to minimizing the risk that disruption inherently poses is in future-proofing the organization. And one way to guard against disruption risk is with information management technology. Here you'll find four ways information management technology can help prepare firms for a faster, tech-enabled future. What keeps professional services f irm executives up at night? - Atle Skjekkeland, President, The Digital Value Institute

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