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data sheet Key features ■ On-demand ordering via API ■ Global coverage ■ Advanced image processing optimized for alignment and spectral consistency within stack ■ Imagery tailored to your AOI ■ Time-series stacks generated from archive for change detection ■ Key metadata localized to provide more robust catalog search and imagery stacks ■ Imagery available for offline use ■ Direct delivery to your AWS S3, Microso Azure or Google Cloud storage ■ Customizable until ready to order ■ Non-programmatic user interface for easy ARD access feature extraction Skip straight to analysis with Maxar's analysis-ready data (ARD). ARD is preprocessed time-series stacks of imagery that are aligned and produced at a set standard for change detection, mapping and monitoring. With subscription access, order on demand over your custom area of interest (AOI) via API from Maxar's robust satellite imagery archive. Maxar ARD MAXAR ANALYSIS-READY DATA Key benefits Road extraction using ARD imagery over Subang Jaya, Malaysia Develop a feature extraction model for an entire country and update as new growth occurs using targeted ARD orders. object detection Monitoring traffic along the U.S.-Mexico border in Laredo, Texas, with ARD imagery and a car detection model Create a localized object detection model and deploy as new imagery is collected to determine changes in your AOI. ■ Skip preprocessing steps required to prepare imagery for analysis ■ Leverage Maxar's massive archive of high- resolution imagery to perform analytics at scale ■ Increase artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) efficiency with consistent imagery inputs ■ Reduce storage costs by ordering only the data you need ■ There are no geographical or concurrent user restrictions ■ Data is clipped to your AOI ■ Avoid porting data between delivery site and compute environment ARD is configured to give you greater control over certain atmospheric and topographic conditions as well as certain surface and land cover classifications within an image that could affect analysis and AI/ML performance. ARD delivers a wide range of data masks for each acquisition within the time-series stack, such as cloud extent detected in the image to the le.

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