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data sheet Features and benefits ■ Global coverage ■ Rapid and frequent updates ■ Highly accurate forecasts and observation data ■ SaaS, cloud-based platform that ensures the user experience is: □ Secure □ Stable □ Scalable ■ 24/7 consultation support ■ Subscription access Weather conditions impact nearly all business operations in some way. Maxar WeatherDesk offers information products, web applications and data services to help you prepare for and mitigate emerging risks. WEATHERDESK WEATHERDESK Many of the most popular WeatherDesk products are web applications. These products include insights from behind-the-scenes predictive analytics while also allowing end users to create their own analyses and data visualizations. With access to real-time global forecasting from WeatherDesk, you can stay ahead of emerging conditions impacting production yields, financial trading and critical infrastructure. No matter your industry, our high-quality, timely and accurate weather data easily integrates into diverse workflows to improve and expedite critical decisions. WeatherDesk products elegantly translate weather data into valuable insights through sound attention to science and customer needs. Plus, Maxar's operations team is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for consultation when rapid onset conditions threaten your operations or alter the state of the markets. The WeatherDesk platform makes consuming products easy and efficient via three types of products in one convenient interface: ■ Web applications ■ Data services ■ Information reports Explore and visualize high-quality global weather data with Global Weather Interactive. Other popular WeatherDesk products: ■ Models Page ■ DynaCast ■ Tropical Tracker ■ Renewables and Power ■ Energy Desk and Ag Desk Monitor severe weather threats in real time with Storm Desk. WEB APPLICATIONS

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