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MXR-DS-map-ready imagery 02/21 map-ready (ortho) image strips Product characteristics Description Coordinate system Coordinate system Map-projected Orientation Map-North Up Map projection and datum options Geographic & UTM Product Options Panchromatic GSD 15 cm HD, 20 cm HD, 30 cm HD, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm, as collected Multispectral 1.2 m, 2 m, as collected Off-nadir angle (ONA) >30° (customer requested) Seasonality Customer requested Bits per pixel 8 or 16 Dynamic Range Adjustment (DRA) Customer requested AComp (Atmospheric Compensation) Available Accuracy Absolute Geolocation 10.2 m CE90 Radiometry Radiometric options Calibrated (5%) DRA (Color Corrected; Contrast Enhancement only if also color-corrected); Pan-Sharpended Relative radiometric accuracy (calibrated) +-1% Pan-sharpening algorithm options N/A Pan-sharpening Available Bits per pixel 8 or 16 Processing & delivery options Image bands 4 band Resampling options NN, BL, CC, MTF, Enhanced, HD Format options GeoTIFF Compression options Lempel-Ziv-Welch compression algorithm (LWZ), Deflate (HD imagery) Delivery options FTP Tile size (pixel-based) 8x8, 14x14, 16x16 Product description Map-Ready (Ortho) Imagery products offer the highest degree of cartographic accuracy. They are radiometrically-corrected, sensor-corrected, orthorectified and mapped to a cartographic projection and datum. Specifications deliverables Map-Ready Imagery products are ordered by area, with a minimum purchase of 100 sq km and a maximum of 10,000 sq km per order. delivery methods ■ Media delivery: DVD ■ Media delivery: external HD ■ Web-based delivery: FTP ■ SecureWatch

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