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data sheet Features ■ Georeferenced to a cartographic projection □ Industry standard projections and datums ■ High resolution □ 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm panchromatic, natural color, color infrared or 4-band pan sharpened □ 1.6 m–2.4 m multispectral ■ Large image swath collection size □ 16.4 km–18.0 km width at nadir ■ Small minimum order size □ 25 sq km—archive □ 100 sq km—tasking ■ Superior image classification and analysis □ 11-bit digitization (up to 2,048 levels of gray scale) □ Discrete non-overlapping spectral bands ■ Open systems □ Compatible with commercial soware providers □ Popular image file formats ■ HD processing is available ■ Locate features in map coordinate space ■ Identify features, create maps and detect changes from recent global imagery at the highest resolution possible from commercial imaging satellites ■ Flexible options—Standard Imagery is normalized for topographic relief and Ortho Ready Standard Imagery is ready for users to orthorectify ■ Purchase only the coverage needed for your project and budget ■ Improve feature classification and identification in dark or bright areas such as building shadows or snow and perform more flexible image enhancement ■ Get your project up and running quickly and easily based on standard map projections and formats ■ Can be acquired directly from a new collection request, offline delivery or via your SecureWatch subscription hong kong View-Ready Imagery products are designed for users with knowledge of remote sensing applications and image processing tools that require data of modest absolute geometric accuracy and/or large area coverage. They use Maxar's constellation of satellites, which includes QuickBird (archive only), WorldView-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3 and WorldView-4. Choose from our expansive archive or submit a new collection request. View-Ready Imagery products are available in two varieties: Standard and Ortho Ready Standard. View-Ready (2A) Imagery VIEW-READY (2A) IMAGERY Benefits

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