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data sheet Features and benefits ■ Enrich datasets. Discover a huge range of on-ground features, including aircra, smoke plumes, construction sites, sports facilities, religious sites, buildings, military objects, vehicles and many more. ■ Validate datasets. Confirm that identified features are valid as of the date of image collect. ■ Spatio-temporal analysis. Look at the same area—be it a dock, airfield, parking lot or anything else—at different times or on different dates. ■ Complex questions. Need to locate all of the paths and roads that cross an administrative border? Want to find all of the new buildings in an area of interest? GeoHIVE can do it. Maxar's Geospatial Human Imagery Verification Effort, or GeoHIVE, is a team of geospatial analysts, geospatial developers, and imagery analysts who interact with a vetted crowd of online users to validate, discover, or annotate features of interest in satellite imagery. GeoHIVE hosts campaigns on a website where members of the crowd get paid for answering a simple question about a satellite image, tagging a feature of interest, or drawing a bounding box around a feature of interest. GeoHIVE Crowdsourcing GEOHIVE CROWDSOURCING GeoHIVE provides the custom insights you need to use geospatial intelligence to the fullest. Unlock the power of the crowd Vehicles along a smuggling route discovered by GeoHIVE. When finding all of the features in an AOI is a top priority, GeoHIVE discovery campaigns harness the collective wisdom of the crowd to quickly search through satellite imagery and place points on features of interest. We achieve rapid, high- quality results by providing crowd members with a few image chips at a time. Each image chip is seen by multiple members to increase the likelihood all features will be found and provides a consensus for members' tags. When the crowd has completed the campaign, CrowdRank® conflates the tags and assigns confidence scores to each user and feature before the results are processed by our GeoHIVE geospatial analysts for quality assurance (QA). Discover

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