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Maxar imagery tracks environmental impact of mine

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MXR-CS-bluecham/thio 12/20 WorldView-2 high-resolution imagery of the region was captured in January 2013. Bluecham then processed and analyzed the imagery and compared it against historical images provided by the Topographic Mapping Service of New Caledonia. "The first task was to monitor the Thio River just north of the city center to determine if discharges were going down river and through the town," Andreoli says. "The next area of interest is mountain slides. With WorldView-2 we were able to identify about 50 slides that have the potential to cause danger and cross main roadways. Without high-resolution satellite imagery those areas would be very difficult to locate." industries ■ Utilities ■ Environmental services ■ Government uses ■ Mapping ■ Cadastral ■ Elevation Data ■ Water mapping ■ Water pipeline network design "With ready access to satellite imagery, the Town Council now has the ability to receive regular updates of the status of the Thio River discharges and sediment patches that are endangering populated areas along the river, as well as areas experiencing natural landslides and erosion. Today, the Council is in discussions to create a much larger study of the region and work directly with the mining company to put long-term protection plans in place to preserve the natural environment and populations." Tracking change over time An environment plan for the future With fresh data in hand, the Town Council plans to work with the mining company and government officials to execute a broad study of the region and put a plan in place to mitigate the environmental impact of the mine. With current data detailing river sediment patches, natural landslides and erosion, the Thio Town Counsel is working with Bluecham SAS to create a long-term solution to mitigate the mine's environmental impact. WorldView-2 imagery proved to be the ideal tool with the ability to identify both underwater sediment patches and mountainsides that have experienced potentially dangerous landslides. Provide the Thio Town Counsel, the local government body, the ability to continuously monitor the environmental impact of a large nickel strip mining operation in the mountain tops just outside the community. REMI ANDREOLI, HEAD OF SPACE APPLICATIONS FOR BLUECHAM SAS Challenge Solution Results

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