TDWI Checklist Report: Cloud Data Warehousing

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tdwi.org 10 TDWI RESE ARCH T D W I C H E C K L I S T R E P O R T: C LO U D DATA WA R E H O U S I N G S T R A I G H T TA L K AFTERWORD Having read this overview of the increasingly complex cloud data warehousing alternatives, you may recognize the need for technical capabilities that can help in the architecture, design, implementation, and finally migration into your emerging hybrid cloud architecture. We suggest that one key involves governed data management and integration, and that means looking at products that enable a variety of data consumers. Necessary technical capabilities include: • Data onboarding that balances data loading, ingestion, and integration with managed data pipelines that enable streamlined ingestion and integration of static data as well as continuous data in motion • Data preparation tools that data scientists can use to produce (and publish) their specialized data pipelines • Data pipeline orchestration to speed processing and data pipeline management • Coordinated and integrated data governance to ensure a level of trust in the data • Coordinated and integrated data security that applies data protection policies consistently across the hybrid environments • Data quality and data lineage for validation and trustworthiness • Data catalogs for enhanced visibility into curated data assets and their distribution across the data landscape • Data management cost analysis and optimization that can help modulate budget decisions when implementing the data analytics architecture

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