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Rapid Access Program Whitepaper: Moving Ground Stations To The Cloud

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Moving ground stations to the cloud Aer more than 40 years of industry-leading experience on orbit, Maxar is re-imagining the collection of satellite imagery. For the last half century, every organization that uses satellite imagery has been forced to choose between control and cost: Construct an entire ground station to control satellites or trust a satellite imagery provider to come up with a good plan for collection. Maxar's Rapid Access Program offers a virtual ground station to its partners, balancing control and cost. MOVING GROUND STATIONS TO THE CLOUD white paper info@maxar.com maxar.com Geointelligence organizations will have ground station level access without a massive bill and waiting years for delivery. Saving time and money for modern organizations, the virtual ground station is access without excess. Saving time and money Virtual ground station The Rapid Access Program employs a cloud-based virtual secure portal: Rapid Access Secure Portal (RASP) provides partners with many of the benefits of traditional direct access— without the need to invest time and money in an antenna. To simplify workflows, this innovative cloud service is broken into two user interfaces. Partners purchase satellite access minutes from Maxar and use a web-based Satellite Access Management Interface (SAMI) for satellite access planning and order management. Maxar tasks the satellites, downlinks and processes the imagery and delivers image products to the Imagery Management Interface (IMI) within six hours. Supplementing existing ground stations Rapid Access is advantageous also for organizations that already have physical ground infrastructure. As the need for actionable intelligence grows, the virtual ground station allows partners to grow capacity and gain access to the world-class Maxar constellation quickly and affordably. Supporting geointelligence objectives You need persistent satellite imagery access to modernize your geointelligence and imagery intelligence objectives. Rapid Access supports a broad range of use cases so partners can respond to dynamic situations with a dynamic solution. Rapid Access concept of operations 1. Partner reserves SAW and evaluates collection opportunities 2. Maxar assesses collection feasibility 3. Partner submits finalized collection requests to Maxar 4. Maxar uploads commands to satellite and collects imagery 5. Maxar downlinks to RGT 6. Maxar processes imagery and hosts finished products on Rapid Access Secure Portal 7. Partner queries online archive and orders image products for download or FTP delivery Maxar RGT network RGT network maxar hq PARTNER RASP

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