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Restoring the right-of-way along the 800 km Transsakhalin pipeline

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MXR-CS-sakhalin 11/20 industry ■ Oil and gas uses ■ Monitoring ■ Planning WorldView-2 provides ideal solution In 2010 aer considering the options of ground base observation and remote sensing technologies, Sakhalin Energy chose Maxar's WorldView-2 satellite to capture the required imagery. "The width of the area of interest is only about 30 to 50 meters, which meant that we could not use low resolution hyper spectral imagery for such narrow regions" Levkovsky says. "Consequently, spatial accuracy is very important to achieve an accurate estimation to precisely measure reinstatement work requirements and results." The area for image capture runs north-south along the middle of Sakhalin Island, convenient for data acquisition. The time frame for initial data capture was the three summer months of 2010, the time of year when vegetation shows maximum activity. Once captured, Sakhalin Energy used ENVI tools for image processing and analysis. A polygon dataset in corporate database was created from assessed NDVI raster to designated areas where additional reinstatement work was required. "The overall plan accuracy is estimated at four meters, well within our specifications," Levkovsky says. Summing up the success of the project, Levkovsky says, "Remote sensing data provides clear, evidence of the condition of the environment and will successfully help measure the effects of our efforts to reinstate and restore the pipeline's right-of-way. Satellite imagery also reduces the number of field visits, minimizing exposure to safety hazards and the time needed to develop and execute the program. The business value of this information is very high as it provides all the capabilities we require to complete and monitor the project." Maxar imagery provided Sakhalin Energy with the ability to quickly and cost-effectively measure and assess right-of-way reinstatement requirements, and provide a procedure for continuous monitoring and assessment along the entire length of the pipeline. WorldView-2 8-band satellite imagery provided clear, visual evidence of the environmental conditions surrounding the pipeline giving Sakhalin Energy and the data they required. Implement right-of-way restoration along the 800 km TransSakhalin onshore oil and gas pipeline then subsequently validate, assess and monitor the resulting environmental impact. Challenge Solution Results product uses ■ WorldView-2 8-band multispectral imagery Egor Levkovsky Leading environmental specialist Anton Konyukhov Geoinformation team lead Evgeniy Petrushkevich Geomatics technician

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