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Safeguarding California communities

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Safeguarding California communities Conducting the mission of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to deliver natural gas to millions of homes and businesses in California carries the enormous responsibility of maintaining and expanding some 6,000 miles of pipeline that runs through the northern part of the state. To provide this essential service to consumers, the team of pipeline experts at PG&E use accurate and timely spatial information provided by Maxar's ImageConnect online imagery service. Overseeing an immense network of gas pipeline requires fast access to detailed information about any part of the system; high-resolution Earth imagery provides the necessary picture of site conditions. Instead of burning through time and money to collect new or piece together existing imagery from disparate sources, PG&E uses Maxar's ImageConnect to manage the multitude of mapping activities inherent in maintaining and protecting gas transmission pipelines throughout California. High-resolution imagery required PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY Save resources Accurate and current information showing physical conditions near the pipeline network is essential to ensure the integrity of PG&E pipelines and the safety of the surrounding communities. Before subscribing to ImageConnect online imagery services, PG&E performed a variety of time-consuming and expensive tasks to acquire imagery and piece together a complete visual overview of pipeline operations. These tasks included developing flight plans, tasking for new imagery and searching private companies and municipalities along the pipeline for existing data. Then, the lag time and effort expended compiling and distributing the patchwork of imagery from different sources (which oen synchronized poorly) delayed PG&E analysis and response time to address site conditions. To speed results and reduce costs, PG&E equipped technical staff with Maxar's ImageConnect. These groups instantly placed images from Maxar's extensive online image library beneath PG&E basemap information. The combination of Maxar imagery with PG&E's pipeline route maps, street maps, and in-house vector data provided the vital context and realistic visual of the proximity of neighboring structures, roadways and other infrastructure needed to accurately assess site conditions. company information Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is a natural gas and utility provider constructing, maintaining and protecting natural gas transmission pipelines throughout northern California. case study CALIFORNIA U.S.A.

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