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Satellite imagery helps agricultural development in the Philippine’s

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Satellite imagery helps agricultural development in the Philippine's Although the most common association with the Philippines may be the industrialized cities of Manila and Quezon City, the country's economy is primarily driven by agriculture. The Department of Agriculture charged with policy development and providing support services for the industry, is now embarking on Maxar satellite imagery to assist in planning and decision making process. Agriculture, livestock and fishing employs more than 40 percent the Philippine's 98 million residents and represents 20 percent of its GDP. With the mission of the Department of Agriculture to empower the farming and fishing communities to produce accessible and affordable food for every Filipino and provide a sufficient level of income for everyone in the industry, the Department is continuously seeking new methods to improve services to its constituents. "The Department recognize that precise spatial information would provide a wealth of beneficial data to both spot vulnerabilities and to improve productivity," says Josephine Minerva, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Maxar information partner Geo-Surveys & Mapping, Inc. (GSMI). "They were using spot imagery that was incomplete, out of date and not very high resolution." Seeking a broad impact PHILIPPINE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Mapping the entire archpielago In the fall of 2012 GSMI began delivery of GeoEye-1 and WorldView-2 imagery for both coastal and terrestrial areas. The project will cover the entire Archipelago spanning an area of more than 300,000 square miles consisting of 7,107 islands with more than 22,000 miles of coastline. "We are working very closely with the Department to help prioritize and determine the applications of the technology," Minerva says. "With Maxar imagery we were able to offer the most competitive bid and satisfy their technical criteria. We want to ensure they maximize their resources and develop applications of the data that provide measurable benefits." company information Established in 1994, Geo-Surveys & Mapping, Inc. (GSMI) is a pioneer in the provision of topof-the- line geomatics solutions for surveying, mapping, remote sensing, GIS, and systems integration in the Philippines. GSMI houses a full line of sophisticated equipment and technology from data acquisition, film processing, scanning, and digital mapping to GIS and remote sensing for geodata management and analysis. case study

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