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Software Vendor Assures Performance for their Online SaaS

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E N T E R P R I S E l CASE STUDY l Customer Profile This software vendor is one of the largest makers of consumer-oriented software in the world. Their applications help individuals and small business deal with the accounting and reporting requirements of modern business. They typically work with individuals and small employers designing and delivering programs that administer accounting, inventory, payroll, and tax functions. Thousands of employees create, maintain, and market these applications, along with supporting millions of users every day. The IT team of this software vendor has undertaken a full-scale digital transformation of the business as the distribution model for its products continues to evolve. The Challenge The days of factories mass producing CDs for widely used software applications are quickly drawing to a close. More and more customers desire fast, safe channels online to acquire new software, or even methods of access to applications that leave the actual running of the program on compute resources to the software vendor, with appropriate billing arrangements. Businesses large and small can be run using applications which are all electronically driven via websites, mobile applications, web portals, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployments. This software vendor's IT department tackles demands to ensure the availability and performance of their customer facing applications and services over multiple cloud types and via the world wide web. As software delivery models have evolved the software vendor is especially aware of the need to preserve brand loyalty by providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. OVERVIEW The Challenge • Visibility and analysis for end-user experience was required for the cloud & web-based product distribution models • Extend visibility and performance monitoring into their own wireless network for the business services they use from other vendors The Solution • nGeniusONE ® Service Assurance platform • InfiniStreamNG ® software and hardware appliances • nGenius ® PULSE • 3000 series nPoint devices The Results • Assured excellent customer experience using Cloud & SaaS • Improved IT team end-to-end visibility and reduced Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) Software Vendor Assures Performance for their Online SaaS Using nGeniusPULSE Active Testing for both Customer & Employee Experience with SaaS applications

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