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data sheet Exquisite details at lower costs ■ Maxar's telco solution provides the details you need at a fraction of the cost, across all regions of the world. How? We use an innovative big data approach: a patented, automated process that creates 3D vectors wherever you need them. We build our Precision3D 3D Surface Models at 50 cm resolution and derive all of our Precision3D products from this foundation quickly and seamlessly. This process delivers accurate, high-resolution data layers that are perfectly aligned at an affordable price. Rapid deliveries at massive scale ■ You want efficient planning and execution to reduce your time to market. We deliver geodata for nationwide areas in months and with a quality that greatly reduces fine- tuning and on-site verification. We provide a complete geodata solution—layers that include 3D building vectors, clutter heights, clutter classes and digital elevation data—that enables you to precisely and quickly analyze urban, suburban and rural areas and get your solution to market before your competitors. The Precision3D Telco Suite is designed to help you prepare for your industry's rapid changes. With an increasing number of connected devices, high-definition content and new services, the demands on networks are accelerating and growing exponentially. The need to improve capacity, latency and coverage has led to network densification where cell sites are added to handle these increasing loads. The Telco Suite is a cost-effective, next-generation solution that helps you design your networks for optimal performance. Get the task done one time, on time and in time. Telco Suite PRECISION3D The Telco Suite is a scalable solution providing the highest quality geodata optimized for improving or planning modern networks. It contains all the data layers you need to perform detailed analysis for the most demanding environments. From regions to urban cores, you need accurate geodata to improve current networks and prepare for tomorrow's networks. Whether you're densifying existing 4G LTE networks, prepping for 5G to empower smart homes and the internet of things or working a more complex HetNet, we can help. We cover your regional, countrywide, metropolitan and city-specific needs. Features and benefits Next-generation geodata for modern networks KEY APPLICATIONS ■ RAN planning for optimized coverage and capacity ■ Fixed wireless, line-of-sight analysis ■ Microwave backhaul planning ■ Feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis ■ Service qualification analysis A TRUE BIG DATA SOLUTION Maxar offers you a true big data solution that is uniquely positioned to meet all your needs, because it: ■ Utilizes the world's largest archive of 30-50 cm commercial satellite imagery. ■ Is built on unique industry-leading automated 3D modeling algorithms to create cost-effective, scalable geodata with the resolution that meets your requirements. ■ Leverages deep learning to deliver high-quality products at a rapid rate and an affordable cost. ■ Eliminates the need to choose between imprecise 2D geodata or expensive, limited, manual 3D modeling. And because all Precision3D products are derived from the same unique automated production process, we maintain unrivaled quality and consistency throughout all our products and services.

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