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AS A MARKETER, YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO ANSWER SOME FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR CAMPAIGNS AND EFFORTS: • What channels are effective—and what channels you should invest budget in? • What content is popular— and what content drives prospects through your funnel? • What initiatives drive lead generation—and which drive top-line revenue? • What content should your ideal customers be consuming—and what content are they consuming? • What is your cost per lead with your paid media efforts—and what is your paid media's ROI? Why Choose Sightline™ Other solutions either handle just marketing attribution or revenue attribution when setup, or worse, they expect your tracking and execution to be perfect every time. Sightline builds error-proofing into its design. • Your social marketer forgot to tag your URL on LinkedIn? Sightline can still capture it. • Your form wasn't set up to have hidden fields? Sightline can still capture it. • Your prospect clicked on your PPC ad and left before converting? Sightline can still capture it. • Your salesperson didn't add that Contact to the Opportunity? Sightline can still capture it. No crazy campaign hierarchies. No complex code juggling. No need to continually follow-up with sales. Report directly out of Salesforce with the same reports you're already using today—or the BI tool of your choice. The solution also scales with your marketing department. You can pick up marketing attribution data now and grow into marketing revenue attribution with DemandLab's expert guidance. In the past, marketers have had to choose between reporting on the effectiveness of individual campaigns or the effectiveness of moving a prospect through the lead lifecycle. DemandLab's Sightline looks at both at the same time. D E M A N D L A B S I G H T L I N E™ By looking at both marketing and revenue, you can better manage your marketing department, provide executive reports with financial clarity and explore data to find those campaign gems that move the revenue needle. The through-line from marketing attribution to revenue attribution. p 267.297.2192 e We create marketing-led customer experiences. By orchestrating and optimizing the B2B enterprise's technology, data, and content, we build engines that deliver business insights, customer engagement and revenue growth for B2B enterprises.

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