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Better Serving Customers And Reducing Liability With Axon Field Services Case Study: Patriot Pros Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric THE MISSION As the Owner and CEO of Patriot Pros, Javier Hoggard is responsible for driving high quality operations and customer satisfaction. For 25 years, Patriot Pros has built a reputation as a stellar HAVC and plumbing service provider in the community and one of his key concerns is protecting the reputation and brand. THE CHALLENGE Before Axon, Patriot Pros spent an inordinate amount of time dealing with the small number of customers that made false claims or were unduly unsatisfied with a job well done. Traditionally HVAC and plumbing service providers have had to rely on murky claims that are exceedingly difficult to prove or dispel. Javier was attracted to the capabilities of body-worn cameras as he understood they would eliminate any doubt and would be a simple, noninvasive way to ensure his technicians could record jobs to protect themselves and his company from any false claims. Before implementing Axon technology, Patriot Pros had to rely on anecdotal evidence to address any incidents that occurred with their customers. Not having reliable insight into incidents led to drawn out investigations and sometimes made it difficult to exonerate employees without proof of what occurred. Equally difficult was being able to quickly understand how to compensate customers in the case that an insurance claim needed to be made. This liability stemming from a lack of insight into what was happening on jobs meant there were major concerns around lawsuits and insurance liability. Disputes often came down to a he says, she says situation which rarely lead to a positive outcome. "A lawsuit could put us out of business and affect the livelihoods of the many great people I employ." THE SOLUTION Axon body cameras are enabling Javier and his staff to provide indisputable documentation of proper job completion to better serve customers, easily dispel any false claims to decrease liability, and improve skills and customer interactions by using video for training purposes.

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