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1 l SOLUTION BRIEF l S E C U R I T Y Here are some facts. Modern-day enterprise networks are complex as they routinely encompass internal, branch office, virtual, and public cloud environments. The threat surface is expanding, and the number of cyber-attacks is increasing. The number of security tools has increased, giving rise to siloed data. And lastly, the lack of comprehensive and consistent network visibility makes it harder for cybersecurity teams to conduct expedient and effective threat detection and response. To overcome this challenge, organizations must collect and analyze data across as many capture points as possible (e.g., logs, packets, Netflow, and endpoints), computing platforms (e.g., physical, virtual, and cloud) and enrich this data with threat intelligence and business context. NETSCOUT's solution to this challenge is Omnis ® Security. Effective Cybersecurity Starts With Comprehensive and Consistent Network Visibility You can't protect yourself from what you can't see. It's a fundamental axiom for cybersecurity. And in today's complex world of legacy networks, branch offices, work-from-home, public and private clouds, gaining the proper level of network visibility has never been so challenging to obtain and so vital for cyber threat protection. For over 30 years, NETSCOUT ® has provided organizations with comprehensive and consistent network and application layer visibility across their entire digital infrastructure – no matter where that infrastructure may reside (e.g., legacy, virtual or hybrid-cloud). At NETSCOUT, we call this Visibility without Borders. And we believe this same level of visibility is a foundational requirement for effective threat detection and response - or Security Without Borders. FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Highly scalable network instrumentation for cost effective, comprehensive network visibility. • Multiple methods of network-based threat detection using, curated threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, open source, and advanced analytics. • Contextual investigation via a rich set of locally stored metadata and packets. • Remediation at the perimeter using industry leading stateless packet processing technology or 3rd party blocking devices (e.g., firewalls). • A common source of rich metadata and packets, use of open standards, and APIs that enable integration and TechOps collaboration. NETSCOUT Omnis Security CyberStream Omnis Cyber Intelligence Omnis IDS Explorer Investigation Drilldown Smart Data Smart Data Export SIEM / SOAR Investigation Drilldown Alerts Alerts Data Lake Arbor Edge Defense Instruction to Mitigate Alerts and Blocked Packets Firewall Any Network and/ or any cloud 3rd Party Threat Intelligence 3rd Party Threat Intelligence Omnis IDS Sensor Omnis Data Streamer Packets and Smart Data

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