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May 2021

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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 27 seed. It's easy for a pathogen to ride on a seed tuber from one generation to the next. Introducing a new chemistry does not necessarily solve all problems. Other steps need to be considered as well, like cultural practices, timing and the sequence of applications." Pathogens are quick learners, so it's imperative that the industry focuses on learning even faster to stay in front of them. "From a resistance management standpoint, our blends have continued to evolve," says Dan Maxfield, a Columbia Basin-based agronomic service representative. That evolution can be seen in Syngenta's approach to its Cruiser Maxx seed treatment line. For example, Cruiser Maxx Potato Extreme targets Fusarium quite well; Cruiser Maxx Potato Extreme builds on that foundation with an additional active ingredient that also combats Rhizoctonia. "Bringing new active ingredients to these blends helps maintain efficacy across different diseases, and even across different mutations of a pathogen," says Maxfield. "It's really covering the bases in a lot of the major seed-borne diseases." As growers go throughout the growing season, it's important they have open discussions with chemical reps, university experts and even other growers to help determine the best way to protect their crops. Even if something has worked well in the past, or is working well for another grower, doesn't necessarily mean it's the answer for your farm, Letendre warns. But good advice is always available. "We will tailor our recommendations based on an individual farm's history and the crop's intended end use," he says. "It's a great advantage to have a portfolio like we do to build programs for growers. The combinations and permutations are endless. "We all want the grower to be profitable, so we choose a program that will helpfully do that for him." "The potato industry as a whole is well-served at almost all levels at identifying and understanding before problems really occur," says Shetty. "Nothing is constant, and we need to remember that these pathogens are smart as well. But we are still ahead in the game." To hear more about what Syngenta's experts have to say about full-season crop protection and resistance management, visit www.potato-expo.com to listen to Shetty and Maxfield's Potato Talk at the 2021 Potato Expo, titled "Fungicide Resistance Management Techniques and the Value of Premixes." For further information on Syngenta's full lineup of potato products, visit www.syngenta-us.com/spud-doctor.

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