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May 2021

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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 37 McAllen, TX | (956) 682-6176 www.solutionsbyfox.com | info@solutionsbyfox.com We set the industry standard for Accuracy & Safety For all your potato weighing needs • Solutions for front and end-of-line quality inspection • Accurate and gentle handling at high speeds • Stainless steel construction to meet food safety standards 4088-2FoxSolutions16h.indd 1 4088-2FoxSolutions16h.indd 1 3/9/21 3:29 PM 3/9/21 3:29 PM THE BEST PRODUCTS • THE BEST SERVICE • THE BEST PRICE 208-356-4317 • WWW.MAUPINAG.COM 1217 S. RAILROAD AVE • SUGAR CITY, ID 83448 Celebrating 39 Years! SINCE 1982 A U T H O R I Z E D D E A L E R F O R ® Liquid Handling Products BANJO PARTS ROLLERS ROLLER CHAIN SPROCKETS BELTED CHAIN HYDRAULIC PARTS METAL SHAFTS HYDRAULIC MOTORS GEAR BOXES/ELECTRIC MOTORS BEARINGS BELTED CHAIN SPROCKETS 4085-7MaupinWelding12v.indd 1 4085-7MaupinWelding12v.indd 1 1/4/21 4:45 PM 1/4/21 4:45 PM to symptoms. Previous research has shown the potential for PMTV symp- toms to develop with time in storage; therefore, the risk for longer-term storage with infected potatoes needs to be discussed. There are many un- knowns, challenges and decisions that need to be addressed regarding PMTV, which is where the new SCRI grant will ultimately offer solutions and mitigate risk. PVY The "old" PVY seen in the industry was often the PVY strain "O." But due to recombination of various strains of the virus, the industry is now dealing with multiple strains of PVY such as N, N:O, N-Wi, and NTN. Varieties react differently to infection by the different strains of PVY. This creates a large and complicated matrix on susceptibility to symptom development and impact on yield and quality. Add on the sensitiv- ity of plant maturity, timing of aphid flights, and use of insecticides and crop oils, and management decisions to lessen risk for the disease get even more complicated. Detection of PVY, whether out in the field or through the certification pro- cess, is a critical part of mitigating the risk of PVY on the crop. In addition, de- tection of PVY directly by tuber testing of seed potatoes for certification is a major objective of this new SCRI grant. As fields are being watched and potatoes are being cut open for quality determinations, be on the watch for foliar, internal and external symptoms caused by these viruses. Don't hesi- tate to send in samples to identify the cause of the symptoms to develop a management plan for the remainder of the season, the stored crop, or even next year's potato crop. Stay tuned for more research-based information on how the industry manages PVY and PMTV now and into the future. Nora Olsen is a professor and extension potato specialist based at the University of Idaho's Kimberly Research & Extension Center. She can be contacted at norao@uidaho.edu. Alex Karasev is a professor of ento- mology, plant pathology and nematology based at the University of Idaho's Moscow campus. He can be reached at akarasev@uidaho.edu.

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