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SCORE Journal 75th Issue Milestone With this April 2021 Issue, the SCORE Journal will achieve a milestone with the publishing of its 75th digital Issue. What started as a communications newsletter project to communicate to the teams, sponsors, fans, and industry, about SCORE’s new direction, soon became much more. An ingredient for SCORE Journal’s initial success and continued tremendous growth, was the production of SCORE exclusive videos that were integrated into the editorial packages. To date, it is estimated that SCORE Journal has conservatively integrated over 600+ videos within its pages over these past seven years.It has brought the reader and viewers a greater experience to learn about their off-road motorsports passion, and how the SCORE World Desert Championship series and our iconic race brands. SCORE Journal’s reader and viewer base growth rate can also be attributed to the introduction of a Spanish edition that reaches an additional 200,000 to 400,000 readers on any given digital issue. See this special SCORE Journal Milestone section for more details, and thank you for being part of the 1.8 million monthly reader base! A special thanks to those individuals who have worked so hard to create these issues This would be SCORE Journal Editor, Dan Sanchez, whose team is constantly contacting and hunting down editorial stories, legends, and next-generation drivers. An additional shout-out to Art Director, Ashely Horne and Todd Horne, who are responsible for the digital production on this now seven-year project. Photography has been key.This is all due to the hard-working team of Art Eugenio’s GetSomePhoto team and for contributor Jack Wright’s “personal touch” driver and legends portraits. Last but certainly not least, Thank you, the readers of the SCORE Journal, and all the support and comments who have made this digital publication the best it can be. This issue also focuses on the ever-changing tire and lighting industry that is so important to our off-road enthusiast fans and racers. We speak to several key industry leaders within these segments, who offer insight into what’s new, and how their history in Baja racing lead to greater product development. We also showcase some of the latest products these industries have to offer. Enjoy the issue, Jim

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