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MXR-DS-signature analyst 12/20 Signature Analyst Desktop uses unique, patented scientific methodologies to help analysts understand events and their relationship to the social, cultural and physical environment. Unlike traditional techniques that rely heavily on assumptions, this purely empirical, statistical approach helps eliminate potential human error and bias. Once the relationship between events and hundreds of factors is understood, Signature Analyst generates a spatial assessment to identify areas where future events are most likely to occur. The result is a geospatial hotspot map where brighter or hotter colors represent areas with the highest likelihood of the event occurring again. The Signature Analyst Desktop tool maximizes the capability of the user's desktop environment leveraging multi-threaded processing, distributing calculations across multiple CPUs and using sophisticated spatial indexing capabilities. This enables users to get the highest performance out of their desktop computing resources. Running large and/or high resolution areas with lots of complex factors can still take significant time in the desktop environment. Rapid suitability and predictive analysis example predictive assessment Although traditional density mapping techniques are useful for visualizing events that have already taken place, Signature Analyst determines where future events are likely to occur next. By evaluating events and determining how the geospatial environment influences them, Signature Analyst identifies new areas of likelihood that would not be identified with traditional density mapping techniques. Why predictive analysis? Signature Analyst Desktop Signature Analyst Server is the next generation capability of Signature Analyst designed to put even more capability in the hands of the user allowing them to create enhanced analytical area reduction products much faster. It allows users to rapidly create geospatial area assessments in an iterative and collaborative manner over huge areas. Signature Analyst Server adds the capability for users to easily define and apply expert based suitability modeling in addition to the evidence based or geospatial predictive analytics it is known for. This broadens the impact Signature Analyst can enable for the operators and missions they apply it to support. Please contact us to discuss how Signature Analyst may be able to add value to your mission. Signature Analyst Server Rapid suitability and predictive analysis ■ Enables rapid suitability modeling and predictive geospatial modeling ■ Automated data workflows—more time spent in analysis vs. data preparation ■ Evaluation tools to inspect PDF Curves, Top Factors, etc ■ Faster assessments over much larger areas ■ Leverage centralized data repositories for analysis ■ Makes complex workflow more accessible to broad range of users ■ Collaborative—publish and share assessments via OGC Web Services ■ Leverage open source technology and standards to enable integration with external apps ■ Example neighborhood level analysis

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