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data sheet Features and benefits: Ultracapable ■ Rapid access to commercial imagery for direct downlink from both electro- optical (EO) and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) assets across a range of CDPs (Maxar and non-Maxar). Further details are available upon request, but assets include WorldView and RADARSAT-2. Containerized design ■ Cloud-agnostic capability and ability to use customer-provided hardware, which can lead to a smaller footprint. Ultratransportable ■ Uniquely compact: small enough to be transported as checked luggage, and rapidly deployable for operations in less than one hour. Secure and resilient ■ Fully functioning stand-alone ground station, with hardened version available upon request. Scalable and extensible ■ Modular design tailorable to meet your needs. This includes the antenna and receiver, CDPs, the ability to incorporate command and control and the data and analytics tools. Evolving CDPs ■ Ongoing integration to offer the latest imagery is tailorable to the individual customer's needs: Maxar EO (WorldView Legion), non-Maxar EO, SAR and other nontraditional CDPs. With direct downlink and processing of commercial satellite imagery from multiple commercial data providers (CDPs), TANGO is fully customizable. TANGO is both antenna and receiver agnostic, allowing integration of existing equipment or new hardware to be purchased. Selectable CDP support and the addition of various analytics provide a user-specific platform. Tactical Architecture for Near-realtime Global Operations (TANGO) TANGO MULTICONSTELLATION COMMERCIAL IMAGERY ANTENNA AND RECEIVER AGNOSTIC Integrating new antennas

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