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data sheet Title ■ Very high-resolution □ Panchromatic 31 cm □ Visible & near-infrared 1.24 m ■ Industry-leading geolocation accuracy ■ High capacity in various collection modes ■ Bi-directional scanning ■ Rapid retargeting using Control Moment Gyros (>2x faster than any competitor) ■ Direct Access tasking from and image transmission to customer sites ■ Simultaneous, high resolution, super-spectral imagery ■ Large area mono and stereoscopic collection eliminates temporal variations ■ Precision geolocation possible without ground control points ■ Global capacity of 680,000 sq km per day, which doubled Maxar's 30 cm collection capability and the ability to collect for large-area mapping projects at the highest commercially available resolution WorldView-4 offers multispectral, high-resolution commercial satellite imagery from the Maxar imagery archive. WorldView-4 is retired from the Maxar constellation, but it provides archive imagery at 31 cm panchromatic resolution and 1.23 m multispectral resolution. WorldView-4 WORLDVIEW-4 WorldView-4 artist rendering

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