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Metropolitan Public School District Ensures Quality Student Learning Experience

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E N T E R P R I S E l CASE STUDY l Customer Profile This public school district, which encompasses one of the largest cities in North America, has over ten thousand employees and many tens of thousands of students. The broadly distributed district has years of experience providing education to their very diverse student population. The district's experienced leadership team elected to view the dramatic rise in remote learning support requirements not as a temporary crisis but as an opportunity to pivot to a hybrid learning model, implementing the infrastructure to support an engaging, instructive experience for all their students and staff, regardless of where they were located. The Challenge For this school district to meet their first priority, quality student experience, the IT team has structured their efforts much like a higher education institution, using a combination of industry standard and custom developed applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Cisco Webex to communicate student information, administrative functions and so on. Combining this with state of the art learning software, including Blackboard, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Classroom, they were ready to deliver a rich educational experience remotely. More recently they have supplied students with iPads and taken other steps to assure remote internet access regardless of their economic circumstances. However, the tremendous growth in network traffic on these systems created monitoring challenges. Particularly challenging was performance and bandwidth availability in the final mile to students' homes and the Quality of Service (QoS) labels used for traffic prioritization for remote learning content within their large datacenters, and across the internet to their students' homes. • One primary goal of this project was to implement and monitor WAN services between data centers, schools and students to ensure sufficient bandwidth was available and to verify that QoS assignments were delivering applications in the correct priority class. OVERVIEW The Challenge • Assuring a high-quality learning experience for students and faculty during this time of increased remote learning and as schools rebalance to on-campus instruction • Providing troubleshooting visibility throughout the network infrastructure with excellent Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) The Solution • nGeniusONE ® Service Assurance platform • nGenius ® PULSE remote sensing and Active Testing for user experience modeling • nGenius Packet Flow Switches and Fabric Manager Software The Results • Cost-effective monitoring of traffic firewalls, filtering, and traffic prioritization • Reduced MTTR for student and faculty- facing issues Metropolitan Public School District Ensures Quality Student Learning Experience Leverages nGeniusONE for Assuring Remote Learning Services for Students and Teachers

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