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May 6 Shifting Trends Report

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5 May 6, 2021 Best Practices in Hiring for Q2'2021 WHITE COLLAR 1. Determine which roles/functions SHOULD be remote 2. Develop flexible Return to Work model based on accurate return rate 3. Expand talent access with remote sourcing 4. Contain costs with location-based strategy 5. Revise education and experience requirements to increase candidate flow 6. Assess current workforce compensation structure and career development potential to improve retention 7. Consider retention bonuses and annual increase in rates for contracted workers BLUE COLLAR 1. Expand talent pool access through Spanish speaking population and second chance hiring which can increase candidate volume 4-34% depending on market 2. Increase candidate acceptance rates with shift flexibility (schedule and hours requirements) 3. Consider monthly attendance bonuses in combination with competitive pay rates 4. Evaluate need for transportation support 5. Reduce or shift pre-employment screens to at start to increase hire rates 6. Increase speed to paycheck

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