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May 6 Shifting Trends Report

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6 May 6, 2021 Critical Concerns in Hiring for Q2'2021 WHITE COLLAR 1. Remote training and onboarding process needs to be monitored and improved 2. Traditional performance management models aren't as effective in virtual workforce 3. Competition for local talent is no longer restricted to local employers 4. Remote compensation decisions need to be made and determined to be national, location based, or whether onsite premiums are necessary 5. Talent pools of skilled labor are migrating at increasing rates an require new sourcing strategies to optimize hiring process 6. Localized Salary History Bans require national policy and process BLUE COLLAR 1. Demand for blue collar roles has tripled since pre-Covid and the number of candidates has decreased at same time 2. Pro-Act (if passed by senate) will drive unionization activity and limit employer action to restrict worker access 3. Increased momentum of OSHA requires evaluation of current protocols to ensure effective processes are established in the event of onsite visit or investigation 4. An estimated 30% workers are at/below poverty rate and eligible for government assistance which may limit their ability to work over a certain number of hours 5. Extended and double shifts contribute to turnover due to family responsibilities

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