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A guide to modernizing with SAP ECC-based systems on AWS

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7 A guide to modernizing with SAP ECC-based systems on AWS Invista is one of the world's largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers, and fibers. Like Del Monte, Invista lifted-and-shifted SAP ECC to the cloud, opting to maintain existing SAP capabilities that had taken years to customize and stabilize. Their migration brought on $2 million in annual infrastructure savings and from there, focus has shifted to innovation. The Challenge On AWS, Invista sought to drive operational improvements by bridging data silos that had previously made it difficult to share insights between teams. They also wanted to improve the customer experience by reducing product defects. The Solution Invista migrated SAP ECC to AWS, combining SAP data with data from other enterprise systems in an Amazon S3-based data lake. This allows them to leverage a broad set of analytics tools to optimize inventory levels, reducing the number of spare parts on hand and saving millions globally. Additionally, Invista improved their quality inspections for both in-bound materials and throughout their production process. They now use Amazon Rekognition along with other artficial intelligence (AI) services to automate visual inspections with video analysis. Doing so has allowed them to dramatically reduce defects throughout their production processes, again lowering costs and improving customer satisfaction. Results • $2M annual infrastructure savings • $300M target value created from operational improvements • Fully automated stocking process for fast-moving spare parts Customer success story: Invista "Before AWS, we didn't have the data or the compute power needed for models to predict failures. The improved asset performance management results in reduced downtime, decreased equipment damage, and higher revenues" – Elizabeth Gonzalez, Analytics Leader, Koch Industries/Invista on innovating with SAP ECC on AWS Integrating SAP ECC with AWS services for manufacturing automation

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