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AWS Genomics Cloud Security Executive Brief

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Security, industry compliance, and data sovereignty Data aggregation & governance Data transfer & storage TATTGGTGAG CCTGACCTGT Workflow automation for secondary analysis Interpretation & ML for tertiary analysis Clinical translation Security across the genomics workflow with AWS DNA is the most personal source of data. The handling, storing, interpreting, and analyzing of genomic data requires a commitment to security and regulatory compliances across the entire genomics workflow. From clinical genomics to population - scale programs, the genomics industry builds on Amazon Web Services' (AWS) secure cloud environment to create compliant genomics applications. For almost a decade, genomics organizations have leveraged the robust suite of security tools and shared responsibility model of AWS to reduce operational burdens, ranging from hosting operating systems to ensuring physical security. With AWS, you get the breadth and depth of capabilities needed to create a highly secure cloud environment that simplifies and improves the way you manage, analyze, and share genomics data. An internal team of genomics experts work closely with AWS product engineers to understand the implications of industry - specific regulations on data sovereignty, aggregation, ownership, and provenance — letting you focus on the science . Achieve industry compliance and regulations faster Genomic data security and compliance on the AWS Cloud S peed and scalability as you want it. Security and compliance as you need it. Data provenance & governance Improve data auditability, and monitor and control authorization using integrated AWS services on the Cloud that make it easy to automatically receive alerts and granularly track who accesses and changes data, while controlling data versions. Data sovereignty AWS provides a wide offering of regional instances to enable in - country data hosting. With 80 Availability Zones across 245 countries and territories , genomics organizations can take full advantage of the cloud and meet domestic and international regulatory standards, including GDPR . Data ownership Maintain existing security and compliance postures including inter - team data enclaves. As the sole owner of the encryption key for each unique data set, no one can see or access your data on AWS but you. Data aggregation Apply FAIR governance policies over stored, pooled data using built - in metadata tags and identity - based permission controls to make data findable and accessible to authorized users only. "AWS gives us enhanced security to help us comply with strict patient health information (PHI) data - protection requirements." "Data stays in our clients' environments, and all of the AWS safety features keep it secure." "Dedicated to security and privacy, Illumina relies on AWS' global infrastructure to keep our platform, products, and web applications secure for our customers and partners worldwide."

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