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Assessing and monitoring remote locations using Maxar solutions For companies and organizations with significant land holdings, assessing and monitoring of assets is a big job under the best of circumstances. But what happens when much of this land is densely vegetated, remote and inaccessible—making both site visits and the use of aerial imagery impractical? Environmental regulations mandate that a large utility company—let's call them Company X—regularly monitor the land on which its assets reside. With a sizeable portfolio of hydroelectric and thermal power generation plants and 24,000 km of transmission lines, Company X supplies energy to more than 60% of the residences in its home country. The utility company regularly evaluates vegetation and other variables to help maintain the local environments surrounding its existing assets. New projects add even stricter requirements, including social, environmental and engineering surveys of the rivers, forests, animals, roads and infrastructure in the local region (with emphasis on the residents in and around the project area). Achieving these mandates in remote and frequently inaccessible areas requires creative thinking—and a few well-placed satellites REMOTE ASSET MONITORING Local Partner Information Space Imaging Brasil specializes in providing high resolution satellite images. This highly regarded company is recognized for the excellence of its products and services throughout Brasil. In addition to providing high-resolution satellite imagery, Space Imaging Brasil also provides Digital Imaging Services and Digital Elevation Modeling and Mapping for complete solutions that meet their customers' needs. case study Existing assets. New projects. Space Imaging Brasil, a Maxar partner, worked to create an efficient, costeffective bundled solution to meet Company X's needs. To achieve this goal, they started with Maxar's Basemap suite, which provides a foundational layer of recent high-resolution imagery that clearly shows all transmission lines, shelters and other objects across the entire area of interest. By adding as-needed access to even more recent satellite imagery content, Space Imaging Brasil was able to provide a combination of image currency and resolution that is unique in the market. In the initial proof of concept, Space Imaging Brasil developed an algorithm to evaluate the areas of interest. Their quality control team verifies the results to avoid false positives and creates reports that alert the energy company to changes. The energy company can then verify this information using Basemap's online platform and take appropriate action. Bundled solutions for remote asset monitoring

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