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MXR-CS-Asset Monitoring brazil 06/21 industries ■ Agriculture ■ Energy ■ Government ■ Mining ■ Oil & Gas ■ Railroads ■ Utilities Save time and money with custom bundled solutions Before Basemap, Company X relied on site visits for asset monitoring. This process was extremely inefficient, expensive and time consuming due to the remoteness of many areas. They considered aerial imagery but found it cost-prohibitive and a safety concern in some areas. In short, there really weren't many good options. The solution created by Maxar and its local partner, Space Imaging Brasil, gives Company X tangible business benefits. ■ Significant cost and time savings from reduced site visits in remote areas ■ Reduced time needed to comply with legal and environmental control mandates ■ Increased responsiveness to legal challenges and reduced fines and penalties paid ■ Better monitoring of illegal settlements and vegetation mapping ■ Reduced redundancy—they don't pay twice for images in the same area or similar imagery needs in different departments "Maxar provides solutions that meet or exceed our customers' needs. Maxar's Basemap Time Series product enables this customer to carry out activities that used to consume considerable time and expense and provide poorer results. Working together, we can provide an easy-to-access solution that includes fresh imagery and adequate resolution to identify features." — Wilson Stefano Junior Business Manager Space imaging Brasil uses What's there ■ Building and infrastructure ■ Natural features (ponds, tree stands, etc.) ■ Conformance with regulations Did anything change? ■ Encroachment on right-of-ways areas ■ Illegal settlements and man-made structures ■ Anomalies and pipeline leaks ■ Differences in vegetation biomass ■ Land use ■ Easement monitoring How did it change? ■ Construction progress ■ Mining volumetrics ■ Environmental changes ■ Storage capacity assessment ■ Competitors' drilling sites ■ Pipelines, mines, farms and transmission lines ■ Rate of change ■ Efficiency assessment ■ Correlation with additional data Challenge: Monitor a vast amount of inaccessible land for right-of-way encroachments, illegal settlements and create vegetation mapping to address environmental regulations. Solution: Bundled Maxar and local partner solutions, including the Basemap suite with access to the freshest satellite imagery content. In this case, the local partner (Space Imaging Brasil) built an algorithm that evaluates imagery for changes and creates reports to facilitate decisions, meet regulatory requirements and respond to legal challenges. Results: Customer realized tangible business benefits, including a substantial reduction in site visit costs and fines paid, as well as the ability to quickly and effectively contest legal challenges. Need a local partner to assist you with your remote asset monitoring? Visit

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