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White Paper: Tanzu's Not-so-Hidden Costs

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© 2021 Mirantis Inc. All Rights Reserved. Information is subject to change. | www.mirantis.com Cloud Secured Built in production ready security enables devs to focus on continuously getting code into production faster. FIPS-compliant security, separation of duties and policy enforcement for regulated industries with strict security requirements. Cloud Choice Provides real choice at every level of the stack, organizations can use their favorite tools and f rameworks. No "Lock in" with a single tool, and no requirement that you use a single Linux build or Kubernetes version. Stop Paying the VMWare Tax VMware solutions are complex. They require specialized training and experience to operate effectively. The products' rich feature set may not always be necessary, and the attendant complexity is often unwanted. Moreover, Gartner clients are perennially dissatisfied with the cost of VMware licenses, which they perceive as rising. VMWare Solutions require many moving parts to get going and operations teams need extensive training and experience to support the systems effectively. Whilst VMWare offers a rich ecosystem do you really need all those features and the associated complexity? Is it worth the cost? If you'd like to get your costs under control, Contact Mirantis to let our cloud experts show you how a platform based on open tools can save money and developer toil. ✓ Stop paying the VMware tax. ✓ Migrate to a proven production-ready K8s based platform. ✓ Boost productivity with platform engineering as-a-service. ✓ Focus on building your business value not inf rastructure services CONTACT US

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