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White Paper: Tanzu's Not-so-Hidden Costs

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Tanzu's Not-so-hidden Costs © 2021 Mirantis Inc. All Rights Reserved. Information is subject to change. | www.mirantis.com VMware Tanzu has a lot of promise, but more and more engineering teams are facing the costly dark side of VMware's Tanzu offering. As you look at options to increase your application development team's productivity, here's what to consider. Some top items to consider before adopting or expanding with VMWare for cloud engineering: • Running even a small cluster requires VMWare licensing, and paying $3,000 (list price) per application instance means that scaling fluidly is an expensive proposition. • Beware of platform changes: Diego is slowly being deprecated for a k8s-based engine. Further Pivotal Web Services is being End-of-lifed. We believe in the power of Kubernetes, but it's a challenge to be changing your control plane this late in the game with the 'VMWare tax' on top of that. • You'll need to develop an expertise in BOSH: Finding Kubernetes experts can be challenging, but finding BOSH experts? Impossible. As a result you're often required to use expensive professional services rather than develop your own skills in-house. The Value of Mirantis Mirantis enables enterprises to run containerized cloud services. Our solutions reduce toil for your development teams, control costs, and ensure security. Our top benefits: Cloud Simplicity Provides one consistent cloud experience across public and private clouds, with complete app and devops portability. With our Opscare, you don't need to develop expertise on day 1 to get launched.

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