Armory Datasheet: Quick, Reliable, and Safe Deployments

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Secure, reliable, and safe deployments at scale: Deploy with confidence with Armory Armory Inc. 100 S. Ellsworth Ave., 9th floor, San Mateo, CA 94401 1-888-222-3370 | | Decrease time to business value By enabling your engineering teams to work more efficiently, your business can innovate faster. Armory helps companies understand and optimize their software development lifecycle through industry-recognized modern deployment strategies. Armory's focus on preventing deployment issues provides confidence in the reliability, security, and velocity of deployments to avoid downtime and minimize the impact of software bugs. With Armory, your teams can enable sophisticated deployment strategies (like Blue/Green or Canary) without the operational burden of lifting and shifting to a new pipeline management tool. A full-featured product, with controls built-in Out of the box, Armory provides reliable deployments built for scale. It integrates with the most common DevOps tools and automates your deployment strategies while enabling the guardrails to ensure consistency, quality, and compliance. Armory provides you with the tools you need to manage: • Production permissions and entitlements • Policy enforcement • Production Architectural Best Practice Enforcement • Blue/Green Deployments • Canary Deployments • Native Kubernetes Deployments Enabling your business Armory is built with the customer in mind. Easily integrate it into your existing workflow. Benefits: • Rapid onboarding: Get started in 10 minutes. No migrations required. • Security: With Armory's Agent model, you can deploy without giving Armory access to your infrastructure. • Consistent & compliant deployments: Across multi-target, multi-cloud deployments through well-documented APIs. • Manage policy as code: Maintain compliance and control over production. Adopt modern DevOps practices to empower more users to make operational changes, and automate policies. • GitOps friendly: Declarative manifests which can configure your deployment targets. • Decentralized infrastructure: Consistent, tested, repeatable code and processes across all teams ensures quality and flexibility of team project assignments. • Industry best practices: For productivity and confidence of shipping features to their target infrastructure. • World-class expertise: Armory provides deep domain expertise and 24x7 service and support to our customers. Our services extend from installation to operationalization to training and access to our solutions architects. "The Armory platform has been a huge upgrade over our existing tooling in helping us quickly roll out innovative solutions with confidence. As a cloud-native continuous delivery platform designed for scale in a microservices world, Armory has helped OpenGov scale up from twenty to more than a hundred Kubernetes services. Additionally, the platform provides great support for autonomous engineering teams, which has helped us scale our organizational processes, and is backed by solid support from the Armory team." – Ashwani Wason, VP of Engineering & Operations at OpenGov Whether you are currently looking at breaking down monoliths or at new infrastructure usage, we can help. Reach out to us at to see how you can achieve reliable and scalable deployments with Armory.

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