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2 P E E R T O P E E R : I L T A ' S Q U A R T E R L Y M A G A Z I N E | S U M M E R 2 0 2 1 F R O M T H E C E O W hen I last wrote to you in this space earlier this year, the world was in a very different place. Although the calendar has not even marked 90 days since that last column, it feels in some ways like a lifetime ago. So much has changed — and for the better! I have spoken several times earlier this year about my pride in ILTA and optimism for our future. This was well-founded; we are beginning to find our groove, our virtual mojo, and we have announced our return to ILTACON in- person AND as a digital event! Over the past three months we have heard over and over that "we are all in this together." When I said I was proud, I was talking about engagement, about our members and their ability to push forward, throughout the pandemic even as so much was changing and so rapidly. ILTAns overcome! We often talk about our organization as a family; I have seen the ILTA family, over the last few months, strive to work together. Our Community Boards have been buzzing, reaching out to other ILTAs, our peer-powered networks; these are the building blocks of ILTA. And, I would be remiss not to mention our ILTA business partners… who have helped us use products in ways under new circumstances, in ways that we ALL could not have seen coming. We are thrilled by their thought-leadership and engagement. We are proud to have them help our members, across the globe, find new and innovative solutions to new and challenging circumstances. Moreover, June marks Pride month and Juneteenth. ILTAns engaging for social responsibility and against prejudice has always been at the Core of ILTA. Our pledge to honor diversity, to support inclusion and equity, has never been stronger. We are peer-powered and our peers are you; you are ILTA. We are proud of the entire ILTA community and we are better together. So, please keep engaging. Engage wherever you can. Be an evangelist for ILTA, for legal technology, for technologists. And we will be here, whenever you need us to help, to facilitate, to educate, and to lead. We will provide you award- winning content, in many forms, on a daily basis. Our staff is looking forward to ILTACON 2021 and I am looking forward to Part 2 of this Summer issue… there's more to come and content to excite as we head further into the Summer! We'll see you (virtually AND in person) soon! ILTA Joy Heath Rush joy@iltanet.org

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