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TASER BENEFITS PROTECT LIFE WITH TASER DEVICES Keep your guards, staff and patients safe without the danger of fi rearms SAFER FOR ALL Equip your guards with a less-lethal tool to de-escalate confl ict. Studies show that the use of TASER CEWs (Conducted Energy Weapons) has resulted in a 70% reduction of guard injuries and a 40% reduction in assailant injuries. DE-ESCALATE WITH CONFIDENCE In a long-term healthcare study, display of a TASER device de-escalated 80% of situations without the need for use of force. PROVEN TRACK RECORD The TASER CEW has had over 4 million fi eld uses and is the most-studied intermediate use-of-force option with over 800 studies a ffi rming the safety and e ffi cacy of the weapon. IMPROVED OUTCOMES Reduce concerns in abuse of force and inappropriate behavior by pairing your TASER CEWs with Axon Evidence (, which provides TASER usage data for a greater understanding of deployment and needs. THE MOST EFFECTIVE DE-ESCALATION TOOL FOR HOSPITALS *Ho, J., Coplen, M. Driver, B., Presentation of the Conducted Electrical Weapon De-Escalates Violence in the Healthcare Setting, 10th Euro Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry, Dublin, Ireland, October 2017. * Blando, James D., Robert J. Cramer, and Mariana Szklo-Coxe. "Hospital security programs and policies related to guns and other weapons." Journal of Healthcare Management 64, no. 3 (2019): 157-166.

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