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"Of course, it was never just about aligning a client's numbers. We have always provided additional ser vices", says Cor van Marle, partner at FACET Accountants. "But there's no denying; our work has become more and more complex. Having insight into all the information about our clients and their business gives you a head start as an accountant and sets you apart from the rest. Using technolog y to achieve this is indispensable to maintain a grip on both client information and the drivers that influence your clients' business." CHALLENGE OF GROWTH AND COMPLEXITY This sounds challenging, but Van Marle thinks otherwise: "It is important that we fully understand our clients' drivers; which market mechanisms affect their business; what do they require to be frontrunners in a specific market; and how their enterprise compares to similar enterprises in that same market. We are dealing with large - and rapidly growing - quantities of highly diverse types of information. We are there to provide optimal assistance to our clients in analysing and interpreting information of relevance to them: information they can use to grow their company to the next level. Crucially, relevant data needs to be assessed constantly, which can be difficult without the use of technolog y." A GOOD FIT IS NOT THE SAME AS A STANDARD FIT That explains why FACET Accountants use Sultan CRM. Sultan CRM is an advanced client information system that allows users to combine all the information relating to their clients and to their clients' business and results. Van Marle: "A CRM system is more than just your client's name and address details and their turnover figures. The market offers a variety of solutions, but any such solution must be a good fit for your enterprise. What matters particularly are the vision and the concepts behind the software. With Sultan CRM, we were convinced that they had a good understanding of our market and that their thinking aligned with ours. This is not as straightforward as some people may think: a good fit for an enterprise is not the same as a standard fit. Ever ything revolves around data and the interpretation of this data. Both of which are subject to constant change. Data from activities, data about clients, and the combination of the two, can lead to better and new insights that help clients progress." But a small link was still missing. Data relating to an enterprise and its market that are important for an accountant - and " H av i ng i ns ig ht i nto a l l t h e i nf o r m at i o n a b o u t o u r c l i e nt s a n d t h e i r b us i n e s s g i v e s y o u a h e a d s t a r t as a n a cco u nt a nt ." C o r v a n M a r l e Par tner at FACE T Accountant s

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