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Case Study: Facet Accountants

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therefore for the client - are highly diverse and relevant information can be contained in different sources and take a variety of forms. "So, to be prepared for the future, we needed additional functionality for our client information system, Sultan CRM." AUTOMATION AND DIGITISATION It was clear to Van Marle: he was looking for an intelligent solution that allowed him to manage and integrate all the information important to the client and to FACET. Van Marle: "In order to avoid losing oversight as a result of data fragmentation, we sought to supplement Sultan CRM with an intelligent information management system." There was one. "With M-Files and Sultan CRM's knowledge of both M-Files and of course their own software, the link was quickly established." At the same time, Van Marle sees a range of benefits from maximum digitisation and automation of processes and the associated information, a vision he shares with Sultan CRM. "Accountants want to provide their clients with as much useful advice as possible, based on detailed, relevant and current information on a client's enterprise and market, and the movements of that market. In addition, this information, and the way it is used, needs to be compliant with the relevant legislation and regulation. Compliance is essential in our area of expertise: large quantities of complex legislation and regulation are in place, and you must always comply with these. So, what is needed is more than just intelligent information management: automating certain processes of information management (e.g., using metadata and securing information at document level) is a huge help to us in reducing the time we would otherwise need to invest in this. Setting up workflows and authorisation structures in M-Files offers us the opportunity to provide quality ser vices. This gives us more time to guide and advise our clients. M-Files helps us to designate types of information and content appropriately and consistently, including links to other existing (client-related) information, even if this comes from other sources." GOOD PARTNERS ARE VITAL FACET's vision connects seamlessly with that of Sultan CRM and, as so often, finding a good partner was a vital element of this successful cooperation. Jos Nijsen, Director of Sultan CRM: "The digitisation and automation of information and processes is vital to assuring continued success in handling the challenges of the tremendous information explosion confronting us in this modern society. Add to this the exchange, integration and securing of information and this leads quite naturally to cost savings. These are six keys to success. We can wield all six by combining M-Files with Sultan CRM." 24/7 INSIGHT In our time, information is all around us and reaches ever y corner in ever y imaginable form. Nijsen: "The basis of our CRM system lies in having insight into the most important client information, 24/7. In addition to the different kinds of basic technological functionality, essential requirements for any accountant are project registration, budget monitoring, compliancy and registration. These are all standard components of our CRM solution for accountants that put them fully 'in control'. But there is more information important to our clients than just that contained in our system. So, as CRM specialists, we have " I n a d d i t i o n to t h e d i f f e r e nt k i n ds of b as i c t e c h n o l o g i c a l f u n c t i o n a l i t y, e s s e nt ia l f a ce t s f o r a ny a cco u nt a nt a r e p r o j e c t r e g is t r at i o n , b u d g e t m o n i to r i ng , co m p l ia n c y a n d r e g is t r at i o n ." J o s N i j s e n Founder & CEO at Sultan CR M

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