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Fidor Bank: Europe's original digital challenger bank Launched in 2009 in Germany, Fidor Bank aimed to become the world's first "fintech bank," pioneering the collaboration between traditional financial services and technology businesses. Its ambitious vision was a fully digital bank, with no physical branches, offering its customers an enhanced, personalized banking experience, as well as active participation in the bank's decision- making processes. In order to achieve its objectives, Fidor Bank needed to offer agile products and services, as well as an open API structure to allow for an ever-growing offering to support its innovative services. This meant being supported by world- beating front and middleware technology for web and mobile, and modules to support its various offers, including Daily Banking, Onboarding & Subscription, Loyalty and Rewards, Community, Loan Origination and Marketplace. Personalized banking Fidor Bank wanted to act as a marketplace for its customers, giving them access to a large selection of financial services, products and offerings through its partnerships. Its vision for openness translates not only into technology, but also their company values: Fidor believes banks and customers should share, co-create and bring value to each other. This has manifested itself as an online community for people to provide and receive financial advice - incentivizing users to do so through rewards such as cash, and improved current account and savings bond interest rates. The personalized approach to banking gives every customer a voice in how the bank is run, as well as giving them unprecedented control. A B O U T F I D O R BA N K K E Y W I N S • Founded in 2009 • Revenue (2019): $2.14 million • An online direct bank, licensed in Germany, Fidor is tailored to both private and business customers, offering them a combination of conventional banking services coupled with ever more integrated financial apps from partners. • Launch of Europe's first challenger bank, from scratch • Launch of Fidor Community, which enables prospects, partners, customers and bank employees to interact with each other. Knowledge- sharing and engagement facilitates trust, boosts customer service, and increases acquisition • Solution founded upon an open API structure, which enables continuous customer experience innovation and facilitates marketplace banking • Creation of Fidor Market, an online marketplace which connects curated Fintech, InsurTech and TradeTech offerings from the wider ecosystem to consumers to create a more tailored, enriching banking experience

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