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FILM Issue 52 / 2013 The iceman 13 7 Coming SooN This June is set to be a big month for Michael Shannon, with the latest blockbuster Iceman. June 7th Fanboys will most likely be drooling as Clarke Kent goes toe-to-toe with Shannon's General Zod in Superman reboot Man of Steel, but its his stoic turn as mafia hitman Richard Kuklinski that has been earning him plaudits across the board. If Ariel Vromen's taut account of Kuklinski's double life excels in only one respect, it is in providing further proof that Shannon is one of the most captivating actors of his generation. We're speaking hypothetically, of course, as the central performance is just one of The Iceman's many achievements. Over a period of twenty-two years, Kuklinski murdered at least one hundred people – although he claims to have killed more. His family (including wife Barbara, here named Deborah and played with grace by Winona Ryder) had no knowledge of his work as a porn bootlegger, let alone his more extreme crimes. Also in the dark is mob boss Roy Demeo (Ray Liotta), who Kuklinski bypasses in order to work alongside Robert Pronge (Chris Evans), a fellow hitman who teaches his partner the art of deep freezing his conquests, hence the moniker of the title. Granted, some facts have been streamlined, presumably to create a sharper contrast between Kuklinkski's 'career' and his home life. Nonetheless, sterling performances and suitably sleazy art direction combine to create a chilling exploration of a damaged and dangerous soul. The Bling ring July 5th Sofia Coppola's latest stars Emma Watson as one of a group of fame-obsessed teenagers who break into and burgle celebrities' homes. The world's end July 19th It's apparently the season for apocalyptic blockbusters! When a group of friends (including Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) reunite for the first time in twenty years, they find their hometown has been taken over by bloodthirsty robots. The Wolverine July 25th Walk The Line director James Mangold is presumably doing all he can to erase memories of X-Men Origins: Wolverine with this highly-anticipated reboot.

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