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HOUSE / TECHNO 25 7 Issue 52 / 2013 EW VI ER NT I boys noize Celebrating a milestone with Boysnoize Records 100th release in May, we salute Alex Ridha in remaining independent. With a brand new E.P "GO HARD" being released this summer, we are looking forward to some new beats from one of dance music's most respected figures. Cristina Trujillo | You released you 100th track last month, did the expectations of the release become a reality? It's kind of a dream coming true, especially with Chemical Brothers and Justice remixing my music. I just can't believe how quick everything goes, it feels like I've just started the label and suddenly we have 100 releases already. Has your approach changed since your first L.P. OI OI OI? Not really. I can't go in the studio with a plan. I love all types of electronic music so one day I'll do a house track, the other a rap and the next something really noisy I'm one of those happy guys who loves what I do. It gives me a lot power to do many things at the same time but I also need time off every project Dog Blood earlier this year, what else does this project have in store for us? We are finishing a new E.P, we've got a handful of new tracks we have been testing out. "It's kind of a dream coming true, of the especially with Chemical Brothers and Outmusicianslarge array of you have worked with, who do Justice remixing my music." you feel you connected and hard haha. Generally I'm looking for sounds that inspire me. You don't appear to stop these days, what do you tend to do when you have some time to yourself? onto you? now and then. I usually have 2 months off every year, last year I took 8 months off from touring which I actually really enjoyed. You performed alongside Skrillex with your side with the most? It is tough to say really. I do feel connected with everyone I've worked with from Gonzales, Erol Alkan, Skrillex, Feadz to Mr.Oizo. We have all got different lives and in the studio is where you feel that. Sometimes it is the opposite that connects, sometimes it's similar experience or taste. What else can we expect from Boys Noize the year? I've got a new EP called "GO HARD" with 5 brand new tracks, all different from each other which is coming out this summer and I'm working on a new album with 'Chilly' Gonzales. For more information check out Follow @boysnoize

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