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HIP HOP / 30 RNB Issue 52 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN Ciara We were lucky to catch up with the lady that has sold in excess of 7 million albums worldwide. She gave you classic hits like 'Goodies', and has collaborated with cutting edge artist like Usher, Ludacris, Missy Eliott, 50cent. Winning numerous awards including 3 BET Awards, 3 MTV Music Video Awards, 3 MOBO Awards and 1 Grammy Award. This is singer, songwriter, dancer, model and actress known as - CIARA! Mr Wonder | So it's been just over ten years now that you've been in the game is it? Yeah in front of the world, but there is the other 4 or 5 years that have happened prior to that, you know that's the part before getting to have a song played in front of the world. My first song was Goodies but there are those years before you put out any song. I mean when I was like fourteen years old, that no one saw; So ten years in front of the world, fourteen years overall. You're from Atlanta but you moved around a little bit when you were younger. What's the reason for moving around? Also what's your musical background? Did you grow up in a musical household? Well we loved listening to music in my house and my mom and dad would always play those good old school records round me, so I had a strong connection to music from when I could understand or listen or hear. I travelled around because my father was in the military and my mom was in the air force. So I'm a military baby. Is that what has given you a global perspective in your music? I definitely feel like I have been influenced by having a young experience of travelling and experiencing what that's like. Ever since I could walk it's influenced me in a great way. As well as being an incredible dancer you are also an writing as well. So that's a little bit about it. With the dancing I have just been blessed. God has blessed me because I never took any dance classes when I was growing up. I have just always had a very strong connection to dancing. I was just given something special I feel. You've performed with A-list artists and you've collaborated with A-listers as well, like Usher, Missy Elliott, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz. Which collaboration stands out the most for you? The album 'Goodies' sold 3 million records in the United States alone. What was the inspiration behind making that album? Honestly everyone has been amazing and everyone has their own unique style so every experience was different. But the early times when Missy didn't know who I "This album is about my fans being able to have a new experience with me and being able to go on a new journey with me." accomplished songwriter. Tell us about those talents and how they developed in you Well when I was about fourteen I signed my first publishing deal. I've always had a writer's instinct from the very beginning and I get inspired by the things that I go through, I get inspired by life and I get inspired by love. I really enjoy writing, it's very freeing and it's a kind of release. Writing is also something that you can get really excited about too, you can get really turnt up on That first album was just more about my first time being introduced to the world. I was really thinking about what statement I wanted to make, and with the song 'goodies' I wanted to say something to young girls like myself as I was then. The album was also just about having a good time and giving. I was making sure that I was clear in reference to my style and what I stand for creatively and my vision. I just wanted for it to be heard, I wanted for it to be seen, I meant it to be heard exactly the way that I wanted to paint that picture. was and liked my music from the beginning and embraced me at a young time in my career. That was very special to me. You're single 'Body Party' is out at the moment, and you've got the remix as well with B.O.B and Future. I understand you wrote that song with Future? Yeah me and Future wrote the song together and it was produced by Mike Will. You are in a relationship with Future so was it like working together? Do you ever have to separate the personal relationship from the working relationship? No I think we both go into the studio with the same goal in mind, just to make the best record we can possibly make. If anything it probably makes the experience even more special, because of what you share with the person. What can we expect from the album 'Ciara' that comes out on the 8th July in terms of production and collaborations? This album is going to be filled with lots of energy and lots of love, and it's true to me. It's true to me musically and personally. This album is about my fans being able to have a new experience with me and being able to go on a new journey with me. That's my mission and hopefully when you get this record, you will be able to experience just that. Follow @Ciara For more hip hop news go to

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