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34 6 DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP IN TE RV IEW Issue 52 / 2013 Swindle Ahead of the launch of his new album Long Live The Jazz we caught up with rising talent, Swindle. Bringing us something fresh with his live band and production, this guy is a musician at heart and his beats reflect on jazz, soul and blues influences. With his album being released on Deep Medi he is one of the top young prospects shaping the future of underground music in the UK. TAB | You come with something really fresh, and you keep your sound as live as possible by bringing a live band it must create such an amazing vibe. You're a musician at heart, so does it feel at home for you to be surrounded by your band? Like a fish in water! You're about to start your US tour and you have already hit Switzerland and South Africa. How has it been, any highlights so far? I totally fell in love with South Africa, I managed to do a whole lot of tourist stuff there like stroke a cheetah, and even a day in the studio (big up RedBull & Cold Turkey Cape Town). The album is out on Deep Medi, what is the best thing about being part of the Deep Medi family. Have you been given any words of advice from Mala or anyone else on the label? Mala really told me to be free and not hold back with what I really wanted to do! He told me to release 'Mischief' and 'If I Was A Super Hero'. It really is a blessing to have that from a label. You played with Mala and Gilles Peterson's projectMala In Cuba. It must have been great to be involved? I've been playing around with keys since I was a puppy; I always prefered something I can create on, to computer games, TV or sport! I grew up in a musical family. How many instruments can you play and what is your favourite to play? I actually don't have any real What is your ultimate old skool jazz/ soul tune? Herbie Hancock 'Just around the corner.' You have produced for people such as Chipmunk, Professor Green, Asher D, Roll Deep and Roses Gabor, what artists would you love to work with? "Butterz is and always will be an extension of me, we all came up helping each other, swapping ideas and now with the parties and's a real family thing I guess." Yeah great, we're still doing shows! Good to be on the road with a group, good to play live, good to be a part of something the music's good! It's aaalllll good. When did you first start playing the piano, was it your choice to want to play or did you come from a musical background? official training in any. I love my keys though... they're my fave. I've played guitar and drums on tracks - basically if it makes a sound I wanna play with it. Your signature sound involves lots of jazz, blues and soul. Where you bought up on this music? Yep! Pops is a jazzer! James Brown!!! (what reckon of my chances? :/) ya We watched an episode of 'Beat This' it was sick! How was the level of pressure making that beat in ten minutes? It's funny because that video is 3 years old now, at the time I really had no idea anyone would care about it, so although a 10 minute deadline is pressure, I never knew it would be such an important video for me. You work alongside the Butterz crew, how did you meet them and do you think your involvement with them has helped you focus on your own stuff? Butterz is and always will be an extension of me, we all came up helping each other, swapping ideas and now with the parties and's a real family thing I guess. If you were invisible for the day what trouble would you get up to? Ghost piano playing.. freak people out! Cheers for your time, we look forward to catching you at the album launch. Thank you! Follow on twitter @ Swindle

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