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INDIE / ROCK 38 Issue 52 / 2013 GUESTLIST RECOMMENDS: Is paris burning? Kansas City's Is Paris Burning introduce themselves with the phrase 'Nous faisons la musique qui déplace le corps, l'esprit et l'âme.' For those of us unfortunate enough to have no grasp of the french language, this translates to we make music that moves the body, mind and soul. And they're not wrong. Formed in 2012, Is Paris Burning are a three piece band from Kansas City, USA, whose latest offering Wild b/w "This City" treats us to two near perfect tunes, expertly mixing post-punk and C86 to create a sound reminiscent of The Smiths, who the band cite as a major influence to their music. With a voice not dissimilar to Orlando of the Maccabees, bassist Neal recites sombre lyrics of getting lost within the city lights over jangling guitar riffs provided Album of the month Modern vampires of the city Their self-titled debut spawned mega-single 'A-Punk' back in 2008, and prompted a certain type of journalist to dub them the 'whitest band on the planet'. Vampire Weekend surprised me – they managed to dodge the 'sophomore slump' and bring out Contra, a joyful and moving follow-up. "Modern Vampires of the City" then, was sure to be a disappointment? It's 'Album of the Month' because it wasn't, because it exhibits satisfying maturity. Lead single 'Diane Young' is a standout – it's a foot-tapper, and what an awesome way to unveil a re-vamped production. This time around they're a lot less Guitar-y and a lot more synth-y. 'Modern Vampires of the city" wanders from throb, to by Matt and pounding drums laid down by Brian. Being part a scene that is saturated with new bands on a regular basis it takes something special to really stand out, and these three guys certainly have 'that special something' that everyone is looking for. Self-released in January, this is a record you will definitely want to hear, but don't just take our word for it. Wild b/w This City is available for free download from their bandcamp. IsParisBurning OUR PLAYLIST... We present you with 4 of the hottest tracks out now... Vampire Weekend Modern Vampires of the City Haiku Salut Tricolore Temples Shelter Song Coves Cast a Shadow spring, to depression smoothly and resourcefully, and their enhanced, atmospheric swells accommodate Ezra Koenig's ultra-white whimper seamlessly. It's still a bit posh. Maybe the step away from conventional indie and toward the keyboard helped their image a bit, but Vampire Weekend was massively africanised and didn't escape criticism. Really, the boys won't escape their upbringing, but having an album this good makes them cool anyway. Check it out if you're after a confluence of old, new, and brand new.

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