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TASER vs Firearms Safety

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THE LEADING DE-ESCALATION METHOD In a long-term healthcare study, display of a TASER device de-escalated 80% of situations without the need for use of force.** IMPROVED OUTCOMES When officers actually use CEWs instead of other means of force, data suggests that there is a 76% reduction in officer injuries. Data suggest that the odds of a suspect being injured are reduced by more than 40%.*** PROVEN TRACK RECORD The TASER CEW has had over 4 million field uses and is the most studied intermediate use-of-force option with over 800 studies affirming the safety and efficacy of the weapon. SAFER FOR ALL Studies show that the use of TASER CEWs (Conducted Energy Weapons) resulted in a 70% reduction in guard injuries and a 40% reduction in assailant injuries over firearms.* TASERS ARE A SAFER ALTERNATIVE TO FIREARMS TASER devices drive non-lethal outcomes and reduce the risk of serious injury *Ho, J., Coplen, M. Driver, B., Presentation of the Conducted Electrical Weapon De-Escalates Violence in the Healthcare Setting, 10th Euro Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry, Dublin, Ireland, October 2017. ** Blando, James D., Robert J. Cramer, and Mariana Szklo-Coxe. "Hospital security programs and policies related to guns and other weapons." Journal of Healthcare Management 64, no. 3 (2019): 157-166. ***Taylor, Bruce Ph.D., Research Director. "Comparing safety outcomes in police use-of-force cases for law enforcement agencies that have deployed Conducted Energy Devicesand a matched comparison group that have not." Police Executive Research Forum report submitted to the National Institute of Justice. TASER 7 4M Uses 800 Studies 40% 80% 70% 40% 74% THE WORLD'S SAFEST DE-ESCALATION TOOL

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