The DataOps Agenda 2021

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Executive Summary ataOps looks set to become the future of enterprise data management. But there's still much confusion around what a successful DataOps implementation looks like and the challenges enterprises typically face as they attempt to streamline their data operationalisation practices. This representative survey of 100 European data and analytics leaders seeks to alleviate that confusion and provide executives with a clear view of the maturity of DataOps practices in the region today. Our findings show that awareness around the benefits DataOps can bring to a company has soared in recent years. A full 95% of respondents say they'll have a DataOps initiative within 12 months. Respondents cite faster cycle times, the ability to deliver new applications more quickly and the ability to ingest new data sources more quickly as three of the key benefits of implementing DataOps practices. However, our research also suggests there may still be a lack of awareness around the steps enterprises must take to achieve DataOps success. What's more, most enterprises have yet to make the investments in tooling and skills required to truly embrace this working methodology. Virtually all respondents see DataOps as playing a future role in streamlining data warehouse maintenance, streamlining audit, compliance or security processes and supporting data science projects. But it could be some time before we see full DataOps adoption in Europe. To help data-focused leaders overcome the challenges they're facing, we also outline an iterative approach they can use to kickstart their DataOps projects and help them gain momentum. D 3 The DataOps Agenda 2021

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