The DataOps Agenda 2021

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The Rise of DataOps has Begun Almost all the data leaders we surveyed will have launched a DataOps initiative within 12 months K E Y F I N D I N G Source: Corinium Intelligence, 2021 Executives Plan to Apply DataOps Principles in Many Ways Significant DataOps Investment is Planned in 2021 In which of the following areas do you see DataOps practices being used in your organisation in future? Which of the following things do you expect your data team(s) to do within the next 12 months? Does your organisation have a DataOps initiative? Enterprises are Launching DataOps Initiatives We already use DataOps for this We will use DataOps for this Not applicable 0% 0% 20% 20% 40% 40% 60% 60% 80% 80% 100% 100% Maintaining data warehouses and marts Maintaining data lakes Providing reporting or dashboards Facilitating self-service analytics Supporting customer-facing applications Supporting data science projects Audit, compliance or security 46% 49% 5% Yes No, but we will within 12 months No, and we have no plans to change that Already invested Invest in a platform that facilitates DataOps Build cross- functional data teams Provide Agile training for data- focused staff Build greater automation into data pipelines Invest in change management initiatives Will invest within 12 months We have no plans to invest in this yet 44% 54% 57% 32% 32% 52% 16% 29% 19% 15% 4% 39% 24% 31% 52% The DataOps Agenda 2021

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