The DataOps Agenda 2021

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Secured exec buy-in for DataOps investment The Path to DataOps Maturity Data leaders are making the case for DataOps investment. But they are encountering many challenges as they do so K E Y F I N D I N G Enterprises are Taking Steps Towards DataOps Maturity But Many Barriers Stand in the Way of DataOps Maturity Embracing Agile is Boosting Data Team Productivity How successfully has your company taken following steps to improve data team efficiency with DataOps? Which of the following challenges are hindering your attempts to implement DataOps practices? What impact has adopting agile working practices has had on data team productivity in your organisation? Source: Corinium Intelligence, 2021 31% Insufficient investment in DataOps tools 34% Lack of staff with the necessary skills 31% Difficulty getting staff to adopt new practices 44% Difficulty monitoring the end-to-end data environment 22% Lack of automation tools 35% Difficulty establishing formal processes 48% Staff lack time to learn new skills 44% Difficulty orchestrating code and data across tools 18% Difficulty building rigorous tests upfront 22% Difficulties around adopting agile methods and teams 25% 49% 21% 5% It has greatly improved data team productivity It has slightly improved data team productivity It has not improved data team productivity We have yet to adopt agile working methodologies 0% 0% 20% 20% 40% 40% 60% 60% 80% 80% 100% 100% Secured budget for DataOps investment Invested in a shared workspace (e.g. data platform) Created and maintained master or reference datasets Established cross-functional teams Automated process controls to monitor data pipelines Adopted a continuous deployment methodology for analytics Rolled out self-service data tools Not Very Successfully Not Applicable Quite Successfully Very Successfully The DataOps Agenda 2021

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