Upgrading vs. Re-Implementation to E-Business Suite 12.2

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1-855-739-3227 | hello@navisite.com navisite.com WHICH METHOD IS RIGHT FOR YOU? You've made the decision to upgrade to E-Business Suite (EBS) 12.2, and you're ready to take advantage of the Continuous Innovation delivery model. Now, you have another choice to make: How will you move to EBS 12.2? Choosing between an upgrade or re-implementation can have a huge impact on your new EBS 12.2 system and what your business gets out of it. That's why it's vital you understand the difference between the two methods—because each comes with its own unique benefits, features and challenges. To help you navigate which method is right for your business, this guide breaks down what you can expect f rom an upgrade or a re-implementation— and how to assess your best move. 1. What is involved in an upgrade? Examining the differences between a technical upgrade and functional upgrade and when to consider each. 2. What is involved in a re-implementation? A closer look at re-implementations and when it's the best option for your business. 3. What's the right path for your 12.2 journey? The key points to consider when mapping out your move to EBS 12.2.

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