Upgrading vs. Re-Implementation to E-Business Suite 12.2

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1-855-739-3227 | hello@navisite.com navisite.com WHAT IS INVOLVED IN AN UPGRADE? 01 When choosing to upgrade to EBS 12.2, you'll encounter two distinct ways to go about it: technical and functional. WHAT IS A TECHNICAL UPGRADE? Technical upgrades are the fastest, least costly and least disruptive upgrades. Put simply, a technical upgrade keeps the software on the same platform and only implements changes to business processes required by the software. A technical upgrade would consist of upgrading to a new version of the software to enhance or expand current functionalities. For example, functional enhancements achieved in a technical upgrade would improve the capabilities of the existing applications and improve the overall capabilities of the platform. A technical upgrade will also allow you to move to EBS 12.2 and keep your existing data. So, things like existing custom reports, programs and third-party software interfaces can continue to function with minimal changes. Because of this, a technical upgrade also yields a shorter path to a 12.2 environment. However, if you choose a technical upgrade, you'll use Oracle-provided scripts that convert your data f rom the current release to the latest release. That means all configurations and all modules that existed in the original instance remain the same, and at the end of the day, your new EBS 12.2 will still reflect the transactional processing of an older environment (like 11.5, for example). Why would you consider a technical upgrade? • You're already running a more recent version of EBS. • You don't have a lot of existing customizations on your current systems. • You want to take advantage of EBS 12.2 faster. Upgrades are typically less time consuming than re-implementations.

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